Neider Wohl & Paletta, LLP 
260 Madison Ave - 15th Floor, New York, NY‎ 10016 
(212) 949-0900‎ (212) 983-6513(f)

Neider Wohl & Paletta, LLP has evolved into one of the best known medium size consulting and accounting firms serving the New York metropolitan area. Our sound reputation and steady growth is the result of the high level of client loyalty which we enjoy and which is carefully nurtured by the firm’s solid commitment to each and every client. Because we develop a strong rapport with our clients we are able to anticipate their needs and are ahead in predicting the type of expertise they might require.

Our policy of having a second partner assigned to every client allows us to respond immediately to any situation that might arise and to maintain a good system of checks and balances.

We and our clients form a team to meet each of their unique needs. The team approach permits us to be pro-actively involved in our clients’ major decisions. Therefore, we can assist them in determining the tax and business implications of plans which they may make.

Our client base is varied and includes such diverse specialties as real estate, manufacturing, advertising, public relations, entertainment, information and medical technology, legal, medical, other service industries and professions, various retail and wholesale establishments, shipping and importing. In addition, to specific industry specialization we have partners and staff with expertise in employee benefit plans, estates and trusts and the not-for-profit areas.